“Ode to the Hanging Light at Chapman Hall” by Jake Darin


Image by beckas from Creative Commons

Fragile cradle, egg shell
of light, ribbed rack
of argon brightening
our enlightening,
do pupils bring you on
each dawn?
Voluminous with meaning,
maybe you mean, by billion-
particle ignition, that spicular
speculations build
the span of revelation—
or would you shine,
stripped sun, lit
limb of the Above,
without our clutching after?
That we would know,
a seeking out of light
in light, the self-reflexive
might of which reflects the might
of wonder, your fluorescent glow
extends to darkened ceiling-beams
the spreading grace of angel wings
and to our eyes
the perspicacity of sight.


Jake Darin earned his BA from the University of Florida and his MFA from the University of Oregon. He currently studies law in San Francisco.