Full Stop

Men die and women die and babies die and giraffes fall like towers built from bricks. Even in the sun there is death. Even pandas die in zoos surrounded by bamboo. What is an emotion but a sky you can’t see? Basically what I’m saying is night is an emotion. Basically what I’m saying is everything is an emotion, but especially the sky. I bought a computer to tell you this. I bought you a ring so we wouldn’t have to put our future on layaway. In my dreams I am always dying first, and I never wake up wanting less. So stay a while, grow long and old and bored, and I will promise to continue to trim my fingernails after everything in me quits being me.


C.J. Miles’ debut collection of poetry is What Is Anything Without Pandas (Ampersand Books, 2017). His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio; Cease, Cows; Jet Fuel Review; Five 2 One Magazine; and Moonglasses Magazine. More of his work is available online He currently lives in Iowa with his wife and can be found on Twitter at @cjmilespoet.